Slippr is a social networking service that makes it easy to create a single video by connecting photos and videos. You can decorate your favorite images and videos with letters, emoji, and drawings.

Lead Designer
2019.Jun - 2020.Jun
After Effects
Me - Lead Designer
1 Product Manager
2 iOS Engineers
2 android Engineers
2 Backend Engineers

Content and Edit Screen

Swipe up on the screen to see the next image or video from below. For the editing screen, just select from the camera roll below to create your content.

Content Screen
Content Edit Screen

Design Guideline

I created a detailed design guide for colors, fonts, font sizes, corner radii, spacers, etc. used in the UI to create a consistent design.

Content Screen

I have included a system that allows images and videos to fill the screen so that they can be expressed dynamically. I also programmed the swiping behavior and handed it over to the engineers to make it work.

Edit Screen

There are many editing functions such as text, filters, drawing, etc., so I tried to keep the screen structure as simple as possible so that it would not look complicated.

Logo and Icons

I commissioned a Japanese calligrapher to create a typography that expresses the gesture of swiping. I was in charge of the overall direction of the project. I designed the icons to be consistent in terms of line width, corners, and area.